Chile´s geography has more than five thousand kilometers of seashore which has played an important role for our country´s history, economics, culture and politics. Celebrating the “Month of the Sea” is about thinking about the importance this fact has in our lives, as a key element for our identity as a nation.

 May 21st marks the anniversary of the great battle of Iquique. This battle was on May 21st, 1879. It took place during the Pacific War between the naval forces of Chile and Peru. At this time, Iquique was controlled by Peru. Chile attacked with two vessels, Esmeralda and Independencia. Then, Peru sent two vessels to defend: Huascar and Covadonga. The Chilean captain, Arturo Prat, yelled to his men to go onboard the Peruvian ship, in which later he would die. The Chilean ship Esmeralda sunk with great loss of lives. Arturo Prat is now considered a national hero.


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